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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is essential for the safety of your Houston, Texas, house. Regular professional dryer lint removal can't be underestimated! To protect your family from house fires, call Almo Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX today for a free estimate.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Process
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Which can lead to severe house fires

What Are The Causes Of
Dryer Vent Clogs?

Out of the regular usage, family number, & how many times you use the drying machine in the week, lint accumulates inside your system. Lint accumulation can cause serious blockages! Which can lead to severe house fires. However, there are so many other reasons behind dryer vent clogs as the following that require attention.

Clean Home Dryer Vents
Dryer's vent is long

Clogged Quicker

If the dryer's vent is long, then it will get clogged quicker than usual out of extended travel. Out of slow airflow, the clogs gather at the end of your duct. Also, ductwork curves can lead to lint buildup. If you find that the dryer's hose is crushed, call Almo Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX.

  • Reduce Utility Bills & Save Energy
  • Increase Dryer Efficiency
  • Prevent Dryer Fires
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Proper tools & knowledge

What Proper Dryer Vent Cleaning Requires?

Ideal dryer vent cleaning requires experience, proper tools & knowledge. Once Almo Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX experts arrive at your door, we will examine your ventilation system to determine the problem and lint amounts. We work only by using high-pressure vacuums to clean the entire dryer vent. Lint removal can keep your dryer in a good performing condition.

With regular filters cleaning, the airflow will increase so that the clothes will dry faster without any extra loads. The dryer vent inside your house is essential than you think. If you want to avoid any sudden firehouse accidents or extra charges, call us today. There is no more need to waste your money on high energy bills.

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Protect your family

How To Reduce The Risk Of Fire Hazards!

Any dryer vent system needs to be cleaned ideally with professional hands every now & then. If you can't identify when you specifically need such service, count on Almo Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX. While using your dryer, lint accumulates in the lint trap after every load. However, some of these lint passes through the filters & enter your system!

So, if you find that your dryer vent is not working properly or overheat, call us. This could turn into a serious fire hazard. Don't worry; you still have the chance to be safe by calling us! If you smell a burning scent while the dryer's working or lint gather over your clothes, we've got your back! We are ready to help you.

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